Bonus In-game Items
The 4th Anniversary Limited Items
You can randomly get 1 of the following items per each sticker order.
Ares Hairstyle
Ninja Saga’s 4th Anniversary Limited Edition Hairstyle. Fiery red hair with an eye-catching yellow hairband! You can’t find it even in our style shop. It’s the newest and exclusive Hairstyle Collection.
Ares Phoenix Armor
Ninja Saga’s 4th Anniversary Limited Edition Armor. Shining golden armor with slim cut and high rise design, plus a pair of cool wings. Can you imagine how smart will you look after you dress it up?
Tail of Jyubi
Ninja Saga’s 4th Anniversary Limited Edition Back Item. Jyubi, a tailed beast that no one has seen it before, some people says that it may not exist. However, this back item is forged with the chakra of Jyubi. Influenced by the Jyubi’s power, this back item will increase the attack power 15% and just reduce CP 30% max.
Tailed Beast Slasher – Phoenix
Ninja Saga’s 4th Anniversary Limited Edition Weapon. With the chakra of Juybi, this slasher could increase the accuracy 15%. Also, it has 10% chance to block attack damage.
Terms and Condition
  1. We only accept payments made through Paypal
  2. Ninja Saga is not responsible for any loss, damage or other liabilities incurred during time of delivery
  3. Emblem users (Premium) can claim the stickers for free but would need to pay postage: $1 for standard post, $3 for registered post.
  4. Free users can purchase the stickers for $9.99. Standard post is free with a $2 charge for registered post.
  5. The sticker colors may differ slightly from the image on your monitor.
  6. We do not accept any returns or refunds.
  7. Each claim code will have a random 4th
  8. Ninja Saga has final decision with any issue regarding this promotion.
  9. Ninja Saga reserves the right to amend, modify and change the terms and conditions without prior notice.
4th Anniversary Sticker (Limited Edition)
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4th Anniversary Sticker (Limited Edition)
This is a set of limited edition stickers that we’ve specially designed for Ninja Saga’s 4th Anniversary! A set of four colorful stickers: Gobi, Nanabi, Hachibi and Kyubi with the cool 4th Anniversary Logo at the center of it! And in each set of sticker, tailed beasts will bring you a surprise! You can randomly get a Bonus In-game Item (4th Anniversary Limited Item) as a FREE GIFT per sticker order! Plus it is the first time of Ninja Saga launching stickers!
USD $9.99
Free shipping*

Free Sticker For Emblem User
You will randomly receive 1 of the 4 x Bonus In-game Items (4th Anniversary Limited Edition Items) if you purchase the sticker now.

How to claim?
You need 1 set of 2 claim codes:
(1) 8-digit code will be sent with the confirmation email once you purchased the sticker.
(2) 16-digit code will be sent together with the sticker that deliver to your postal address.

* (Only 1 set of 2 claim codes will be received per sticker order)
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