PLEASE READ Before Suggesting! (Frequently made suggestions)

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PLEASE READ Before Suggesting! (Frequently made suggestions)

Postby Faust » Wed Sep 23, 2009 5:07 pm

Here are some rules for posting a suggestion. We will LOCK OR DELETE your suggestion topic if you fail to follow these.

  • Before you make a suggestion, read the Frequently Made Suggestions first.

  • If you didn't see what you're going to suggest in that thread, you may create a new topic for it. Otherwise, don't.

  • Only put your suggestion's main idea/objective as the title. Do not put "To admins/mods/dev especially the word New whatsoever" etc. as the title.

  • Do not combine different suggestions in a single thread. You may make separate threads for each of your different suggestions.

  • Make sure that your suggestion is not about adding more Missions, Ninjutsus, Weapons, Exp, Gold, Free Tokens,Talents,Exams etc. Those are not suggestions at all but demands to make the game easier for yourselves, and only sounds like you're rushing the devs to update the game. The Team will add more of those if they find it necessary and they will add them at the right time.

  • Make sure that your suggestion is mostly about tweaking mechanics that already exist, or introducing new mechanics that would improve current mechanics.

  • Suggest something that will make the game better, not easier.

  • Suggesting something from a different game to be added on NS (characters/attires/skills from an anime/game), is more like a request not a suggestion. So don't even think about it.

  • If you have any complaints about the Arena's stack effects.Please be patient that the developers are still working of how to balance the game in the Arena, You just have to wait. Also for for further details please keep an eye on their fan page and their NS blogs for further updates

  • This is also not a place for you to take out your frustrations of how you regretted buying NS products, The NS developers are not forcing you to buy they're products so don't complain here if you think NS devs sucks at doing business. We are not kind of people of teaching you what are the do's and don'ts. You have your own free-will and especially "Instincts" of what fate might leads you when it comes to decision-making process.Remember every decision you make always have consequences neither good or bad for your case that is. If you think "that" stuff isnt worth buying so don't buy it then

  • Suggesting about bringing back the long gone limited items are more like demands of an extension just for you to get those items, When the devs made an exclusive event you must obtain it as its Deadline approaches. Remember whenever devs added an event, Don't expect that itl stay in NS village forever. Dev's always had a deadline so it's better you hurry for obtaining that item. If you feel bad about missing the event then don't worry there's always an upcoming event items for you to enjoy time by time (Unless the kage is asking us our opinion about bringing them back as it says there in their fan page).
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Re: READ Before Suggesting!

Postby Faust » Sat Feb 20, 2010 8:13 pm

suggestion boards re-vamped by Jinchuuriki @ 16 July 2010
suggestion boards re-vamped by Gilgamesh11 @ 22 May 2011

NOTE: If you aren't going to suggest something but make a feedback instead DO IT HERE

Last re-vamped by colmillo @ 2 May 2012

Last Re-vamped by Aku @ 4/26/12

Do not suggest any of the following things, as they have been suggested many times before

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Emblem & Emblem Benefits bought with Tokens

Postby Jinchuuriki » Mon Feb 22, 2010 7:18 am

Lately, there have been several discussions/suggestions in the Forums about whether Free Users should be able to get Emblem benefits simply by spending some Tokens or not.
We had a closed discussion in order to explain clearly when an Emblem Benefit will be able to be used by Free Users if they pay for it with Tokens (without buying an emblem).

The main point is that only Emblem Bonuses that are very important for someone's gameplay should be available through tokens to the Free Users such as "Instant Learn", "Character Customization" and "Stat Reallocation".
    Those features are very functional for a player and if they weren't available in a non-emblem way for the Free Users many of them would quit the game unable to manage a stiff and not flexible at all character.
    For example they might need to rush to get a skill in order to complete an event that has a deadline, might need to change the appearance of their only character or correct a mistake in allocating their stats (getting a new build).
On the contrary, Emblem Benefits that do not affect the playability of the game but only promote a more intense game experience SHOULD remain available only for those who possess an Emblem.
    Consequently and after following the same way of thinking, Emblem (Premium Membership) itself cannot and should not be able to be acquired by Tokens (since part of its benefits will not be traded for tokens either).

Here is some reasoning for the above applied on some of the commonly made suggestions:

  • Free User become Premium for Free, using tokens:
    Answer & explaining is simple..
    • When you buy an emblem you actually get a BONUS of FREE TOKENS (read here) which is not equal to buying 2k Tokens with a bonus of emblem benefits....
    • Someone who does not own an emblem is always a candidate for acquiring one, investing another $20 to the development of the game.
      Like I said before a Premium User can still Buy Tokens (due to new content releases that require tokens) or Get them through Free Offers so that makes the ability to get an emblem by using 1000 tokens (paid or claimed) a clear loss of $20 for Ninja Saga.
      In other words, it's like MERGING the possible Free Token Offer Users with the possible Emblem Buyers.. = less profits from either/both sections.

  • Free Users ability to buy and wield Emblem Weapons for some extra token charge.
    Some believe that the "extra fee" of tokens will be a lot of extra profits to the Devs due to higher prices to get those emblem weapons.
    • However, what is not estimated is the Loss of profit due to the fact that everyone who does not own an emblem will stop buying token weapons and invest in emblem weapons instead.
      let's see.. average token weapon value is 200 tokens while emblem weapons cost 50-100 tokens.. With a fair fee of +150 tokens cost a free user can buy an emblem weapon for 200-250 tokens or buy a token weapon for 200 tokens.. (isn't the choice obvious? doesn't it just nullify the use of token weapons?)
      Even for really great fees like 300-350 tokens an emblem weapon costing around 400 tokens (to be wielded by Free) is still a much better investment than spending 200 token for a weaker token-weapon hence it doesn't worth buying token weapons anymore.. (throwing them out of the window)
    • Second point is.. if you can afford paying such great fees of tokens to simply use an Emblem Weapon that u will have to change a few levels later, why can't you afford buying an emblem for a quite close to that equivalent value?
      Ofcourse your answer is "simply because I got those tokens for free" and that "anyway NS will get money indirectly by companies who give free token offers"..
      However, this doesn't chance the facts which are that Free tokens are FREE tokens and Emblem is always PAID PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP.
      In other words.. a premium user can get tokens from free offers as well as a free user.. BUT a free user shouldn't be able to get a free emblem (that obviously the Premium never had the chance to get for free)

  • Let Free Users equip an emblem weapon "dropped" in daily task:
    No side ways of acquiring emblem benefits should be allowed..
    • Besides, we've already said many times that emblem weapons on daily tasks are simply a nice lucky drop for emblem users and a good advertisement of NS Emblem for the Free users.
    • again.. why should Free Users get the benefit of equipping an emblem weapon simply because they were "lucky" (?) at the same time that Emblem (1) BOUGHT this benefit and (2) have a chance to get a Token weapon which is weaker than the ones they are allowed to wield..!!!

To straight out my opinion, being able to wield emblem weapons/pets/jutsu/benefits should be an Emblem privilege.. (it's called emblem "something" after all - it usually has the emblem icon next to it as well!)

So if you want to use those extra privileges, buy an emblem..
    If you have problems with buying an emblem then suggest more effective ways (effective is a better word than "better" in this occasion since the available payment methods are already probably the best) to get an emblem.
(as for the price.. there doesn't seem to be a problem with the price of the emblem, it's quite low for all countries to afford and money can be raised quite easily if you save a little bit - that's at least my personal opinion/experience)
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Re: READ Before Suggesting!

Postby Faust » Thu Apr 22, 2010 5:57 am

In-Game Animation/Looks Suggestions

I'll be putting here all suggestions regarding In-game Looks.

These suggestions doesn't really need approval/comments, since they all make the game look better and not repetitive/dreary. And they are simply just really helpful, but not very necessary at the moment (Alpha).

So if you find your In-game Looks Suggestions here, be glad. Because it means we see your suggestion as helpful. And it has a bigger chance to be added in the future.

- - - -

Character Movement
Original Suggestion by Titinidorin

Spoiler: show
Characters should move during battle. While our character is not attacking, it's just standing there, not even moving or anything.
So to make the character look more alive instead of just being static, they should make it so that it does some breathing motion etc like the opponents.

Character Stances
Original Suggestion by lafyzhcake

Spoiler: show
Players should have different fighting stance and movement (slashing and running) for different equipments (especially for weapon) and bloodline.


Original Suggestion by mimsiroll and Aku Saturos

Spoiler: show
The background should change depending on the time (morning/dawn/etc PST TIME), and also, the seasons (autumn, winter etc).

Ambush Missions
Suggestions by xxnegro shamanxx and Aku Saturos

Spoiler: show
There should be an animation when an ambush occurs, an example would be Enemies jumping/popping out of nowhere.

Also, there should be more places where our character is "running"

1.Desert plains
5.In the village while running(If it is robbery mission)
6.Misty Mountains
7.Rooftop(Like the night rebellion mission but the character was running on the forest not on the roofs)
8.Grassy plains
9.Jumping on forests

Thrown Weapons
Original Suggestion by TPCE

Spoiler: show
There should be weapons that can be thrown, like a Shuriken, Kunai, etc Bows, Crossbows would be a good addition too.

Pet Summoning
Original Suggestion by Assassin

Spoiler: show
Instead of the pet being beside you right after you start a battle, there should be a summoning animation at least.

Note: If "summoning (depending on affinity) suggestion" was implemented, it's already obvious that there would be an animation for it.

Damage should always be on top (layer wise)
Original Suggestion by killerbee

Spoiler: show
Sometimes ninjutsu animations or status effects, blocks/covers the Damage dealt displayed.
So it's better if the Damage is always on top, so the user won't have to guess

Effect/Buffs Display
Original Suggestion by xxnegro shamanxx, Jin and Alvaldo.

Spoiler: show
There should be an indication if a ninja is under an effect.

It could be an animation, example:

Stunned = Showing some star/spiral rotating above his head.
Sleeping = Showing some z's above his head.

OR just an icon(s) below the HP bar of the user. It would also be better if, if you hover on it, it would zoom/enlarge or at least there's a text that says what effect it is.

Putting a coma on currency
Original Suggestion by dapperrodge

Spoiler: show
You should put a comma to easily display thousands/millions etc.
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Re: READ Before Suggesting!

Postby Aku Saturos » Thu Dec 08, 2011 2:43 am

Now ive provided a guide link of how talent works and which talent suits you the most for preventing of gaining them by mistake and cries about resetting it, Its not much but that's the least i can do for now

FMS Last updated 2/21/12
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Re: PLEASE READ Before Suggesting! (Frequently made suggesti

Postby Aku Zenturos » Tue Jul 02, 2013 2:05 am

Since the game is ignoring our suggestions and such, I hereby advise you to stop suggesting something until the kage starts making sense of adding an exam or an event instead of suggesting, suggesting and suggesting. They too also ignore our mails to make this game better so ninjas, Just get a life and play an another game if this game already drains out your satisfaction to play...

Sincerely me
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