PvP Instructions

How to Start a Fight?
1. Go to Arena or Battle to enter PvP
2. Click Quick Match or create a Private Room to start a battle with other online players!

Quick Match

  • Press "Quick Match", and the system will automatically select an opponent whose level is similar to the player.
  • If the matching is successful, the players will be sent to the battlefield and they can start fighting.
  • While the player is waiting for a match, he can click Cancel to return to lobby at any time.
  • Waiting time may vary for players of different levels, depending on how many online users are at similar level with them.

Team PvP

  • Players may choose between 3 multiplayer battle modes: 1 VS 1, 2 VS 2 and 3 VS 3.
  • Players can create private rooms which allows them to play with friends only
  • Emblem users can create private rooms for free.


  • PvP and Team PvP battles are similar to all other battles. Nonetheless, players have to take note of the following:
    • Players have 20 seconds to choose his/her action each turn. If the player does not take any action after 20 seconds, his turn will be automatically passed.
    • Players can only use up to 5 consumable items in a battle.
    • The player whose HP became 0 loses, and the other player is the winner.
    • In 1 VS 1 battle mode, if one of the players refreshes the page or gets disconnected, his/her opponent wins.
    • In 2 VS 2 and 3 VS 3 battle modes, in case of lost connection, as long as there is at least one player on both sides, the battle continues.

Game Info

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