Sage Mode System

How to Apply Sage Mode in Battles?

Arouse Sage Mode in the battles
  • Sage Mode is a condition with using Senjutsu skills without SP and damage bonus.
  • When your SP bar is filled, you can click the button besides SP bar to arouse the Sage Mode.
  • Sage Mode condition cannot be remove.

  • Your initial SP in battle is 0.
  • You can recover certain SP (Sage Point) each turn (increase by character Level Up) and obtain certain SP by others attack (by % of attack damage).
  • Your maximum SP also will increase by character Level Up.

How to Apply Senjutsu skills in Battles?

Use active skills in battles
  • As long as you have enough SP (Sage Point), you can launch an active talent skill by clicking the skill icon.

  • You can choose any 8 of Senjutsu skills on Senjutsu skill slots at most. 80Lv characters has 4 skill slots, each 10Lv unlock 1 skill slots.
  • There are also some other type of Senjutsu skills, they cannot be upgrade, but they still can choose on Senjutsu skill slots.

  • You can equip your Senjutsu skills on Sage Mode panel, when you click the “equip” button on the skill icon, the skill will be equipped.
  • You can also click the ”x” button to clear the skill slot.

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