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A Series of Premium Events

In the world of Ninja Saga, you always get to enjoy privileges with a Ninja Emblem! Apart from the features such as instant training and free customization that are always here, and the recent extra daily scratch card, we are now launching a series of events, exclusively for premium users!

The first that would come is something that everybody has been asking for since day 1 – yes! FREE TOKENS! Being a premium user, you may obtain 10 Tokens for free every day!

This is just the beginning – a few more free gifts are already on their ways! Never too late to get an Emblem (not to mention that the fierce Bewitching Eyes Illusion will also be given during this period)! Cheers and keep an eye on the next exciting update!

*This series of events for premium users is time-limited!
*The daily Tokens are not accumulative. No Tokens if you have not come back, but you will still get another 10 Tokens logging in the game on the next day.

January 17th, 2012 at 23:59

Posted in Game Notice


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