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According to an unofficial research, defensive players who mainly use wind and water prefer Dark Eye as their Extreme Talent and Enraged Forest as their Secret Talent, while offensive players whose primary elements are fire or lightning usually use Deadly Performance as the Extreme Talent and Explosive Lava as the Secret Talent. This is largely because those talents can assist them on what they lack, either the damage, or the locking effects.

However, when the Talent System was launched in September 2010, obviously most of us were too excited or perhaps too obsessed with some special skills, or with the graphic and animation that we could relate ourselves with, we might have probably chosen the wrong talent for our ninja!

So, here we come – the function of resetting your talent, extreme or secret is now available!

How to Reset Talent?

Let’s get started!

  1. Click the “Talent” icon in the bottom right corner.

  1. Find the “Reset” Talent button on the top and click it.

  1. Pick the talent that you want to remove, and then click “Reset”

  1. You will need Ninja Seal Gan to reset a talent. You will be asked to purchase Ninja Seal Gan after you clicked the “Reset” button.

    Free users need 3 Ninja Seal Gan to reset a talent, and premium users need 1.

  2. Final step! Just type “reset” in the pop up box to confirm, and then you will be able to acquire a new talent!

Just a kind reminder: the talent will be immediately erased, and the TP you used in upgrading the erased talent will not be given back, so, think carefully before you reset anything!

Besides, we are now planning on fine-tuning battle events and some attributes, as well as designing new talents. Do consider what the best for your ninja is and make the right move! And don’t forget to check our game news regularly – free Ninja Seal Gan might be given out from time to time! Have fun!

March 4th, 2012 at 21:57

Posted in Game Notice


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