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Reformation of Hunting House – The Rise of Ninja Kari Gumi!

There has always been a sophisticated balance between the world of humans and that of the wild animals; humans construct villages, develop civilization and develop towards the jungle, but never penetrating into it, as they are perfectly aware of the beauty and importance of nature; while the wild beasts, though they occasionally get lost and break into villages, they mostly make very few casualties and create only disturbances; they attack only if they are being attacked.

However, affected by the recent abnormal chakra flow in the air, some animals, especially those wild in instinct and have lived for a long period, have evolved and gained battle intelligence. Besides, without proper taming and attaining also the battle etiquette, these evolved animals have started to attack villagers on purpose, just to satisfy their thirst for blood. Byakko, Tengu and Shikagami Yanki are some of those evolved animals and you probably might have encountered them from time to time.

Recently, because the amount of such bosses and the frequency they created troubles have been greatly increasing, it is sensed that there might be an invisible hand controlling everything behind. The five Great Villages, namely the Village of Fire, Water, Earth, Lightning and Wind have come together and each sent some of their best ninjas to form Ninja Kari Gumi, in order to investigate the mysterious chakra flow as well as maintain the subtle relationship between the humans and the beasts. This newly formed inter-village organization is now recruiting talented ninja to join and hunt the bosses that try to create troubles! Would you like to join them and safeguard the peaceful world?

Why is Hunting House Revamped?

The current game design allows players to fight each boss only once a day. It is kind of hardcore. To make this game feature more fun to play, some changes have been implemented and are as follows!


  1. Who to Fight?

As usual, click into “Hunting House” building.

Instead of finding the list of bosses of different levels as before, you now can find a world map.Hunting House's world map

The world, as you can see, is divided into 5 main parts, differentiated by the colors. They represent the 5 greatest villages in the country – the Fire, the Water, the Wind, the Earth and the Lightning. Every time you enter Hunting House, random bosses will appear in any of the 2 districts. To start the fight, just click the head of the boss you wish to challenge, and the battle will commence!

In other words, you won’t know who to fight until you enter Hunting House! Besides, when you re-enter Hunting House after you have finished one boss battle, there will still be 2 random bosses for you to choose to fight next!

  1. How to Fight?

You will need 5 Kari Badges to start a boss battle. Kari Badge is free and can be obtained in a few ways.


Daily log in
Just log in everyday, and you will receive free Kari Badges! Premium users will receive 10 and free users will receive 5.


Send friend request
Send Facebook requests to your friends to ask for Kari Badges and respond to your friend’s requests. Both the one requesting and responding will receive Kari Badges!


Get a Gift Bag
Kari Badges will be one of the items that you can choose when gifting your friends! Tell your friends what you want from the pool and get them for free!


Free Kari Badges will be given in special occasions, like the egg hunting event we are having now, and in other parts of the game! Just pay attention to the game news!

* Such features will be implemented in later phases and might not be available now.

Battle: Easy Mode? Hard Mode?
The most exciting parts of this reformation must be the change of the boss battle system! Let’s have a look at each of them!

Ever since the Hunting House is launched, we have been tuning the difficulty level of the bosses from time to time. If you could recall, at the very beginning, a level 20 player might have hard time to knock down the level 10 boss, Ginkotsu even if he teamed up with 2 other level 20 players, and every boss could resist stun 100%; there was almost no ways to lock their movements, given that there were not many kinjutsu available back then. Throughout this period, we have been adjusting how skillful the bosses are and tuning their battle intelligence. As you might notice, lower level bosses are easier to kill, while the higher level bosses require more strategies to tackle with. However, there must be hardcore and casual players at all levels; such design cannot satisfy all of their gaming needs.

That’s why in the new Hunting House, you can choose whether you want to fight boss in easy mode or hard mode!

As mentioned earlier, when you enter Hunting House, boss icons appear on 2 random places – one of them is in easy mode, where you will fight only 1 boss; the other one is in hard mode, where you will fight 2 bosses!

Just a random piece of intel – the two tengu, who you probably had headache fighting them when you were still chunin, will not pair up all the time anymore! You might encounter one of them in easy mode, or one tengu pair up with another random boss (or still pair up together) in hard mode! Good luck!

Battle: Random Levels!?
When we designed the bosses, every single one of them has its uniqueness and elemental build. For example, Ginkotsu is wind-based and so it is good at accuracy, while Yanki is fire-based and so it loves to burn target. Every boss is fun to fight with. However, as one level up, though the bosses still use the same skills, due to the level gap between you and them, it is no longer challenging to fight them. What a pity!

Therefore, in the new Hunting House, it will be your level that determines the levels of the bosses! The bosses that will appear on the Hunting House’s map will be +/- 5 levels of your character! That is, if you are level 10, you might fight a level 5 Soul General Mutoh; if you are level 80, you might fight a level 85 Yanki! Exciting, huh?

One more thing, to protect you from being molested by the bosses, a level requirement is now set for entering Hunting House – you have to be at least level 5. Well, we are sure talented ninja like you can reach level 5 in just a few minutes!

  1. New Battle Rewards!
    Bosses will not drop magatama and weapons anymore! Instead, they drop you materials, which are usually parts of their body like feathers and bones. These materials can be used in Materials Market to exchange for useful weapons.

The pattern of gaining materials is as below:


Amount of Materials

Type of Materials

Easy Mode:


Common Materials & Rare Materials (random chance)

Hard Mode:


Common Materials & Rare Materials (random chance)

Every boss drops common materials and also its unique rare materials. In other words, to obtain a particular rare material, you need to fight the boss that owns it.

One tip to gain extra materials – every time you win a boss battle, you will be asked if you wish to gift some extra material to your friends. Just click share! Once your friends clicked and claimed your shares, you will also be rewarded extra materials as well!

View more about the new Materials Market (former Blacksmith House) here !

Future Updates

We will keep fine-tuning the system and designing new bosses! Tell me what you think about the new Hunting House and help us to improve! 

The egg hunting event is in fact a walkthrough of the revamped Hunting House. Have fun and happy holidays!

April 13th, 2012 at 4:07

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