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Be Materialistic! The Establishment of Materials Market!

We have heard you received a lot of dusts, spells, essences, bones, pelts etc. from battling against the immortal bosses with Ninja Kari Gumi. What are you going to do with these materials?

Exchange them for the new set of boss weapons and other rare stuffs and upgrade weapons in the Materials Market!

Materials Market is now open in Ninja Saga, also hosted by Blacksmith Habo. In fact, Habo is replacing his very first Blacksmith House with his new business, because after many trial-and-error forging experiments, Habo has discovered new ways to forge many more weapons and other items with materials! What do you have in hand now? Probably can exchange them with Habo for a Yanki Blade or Byakko Claw?

Say Goodbye to Blacksmith House
With the introduction of the new Hunting House, bosses no longer drop magatama but materials. Hence, Blacksmith House and magatama will be gradually taking over by Materials Market and materials. Don’t be sad – they serve the same functions, but with more variety and better fun!

Key Changes
There are a few important changes in the weapon forging system.

  1. New List of Upgrade Weapons

Together with the launch of Materials Market, a new set of upgrade weapons will be available! Too add excitement and variables to battles, the original list of upgrade weapons will also extinct from the market with Blacksmith House! If you have always been wishing to get certain upgrade weapons, do it as soon as possible! Blacksmith House will stay open till May 29th 2011 – you may still use magatama to forge weapons!

  1. New set of Boss Weapons

As you can see, a new set of boss weapons are already available in Materials Market for players of different levels! These boss weapons are re-designed, basing on the traits of every boss! Hope you like them!

In the previous Hunting House design, to get a boss weapon, it is completely based on one’s luck. Nothing is guaranteed, not skill, not cooperation, but pure fortune. In the new Hunting House, instead of that, bosses drop materials of different kinds and players can use them to exchange for the boss weapons if they collect every material required. We hope that with this design, every player, as long as you fight bosses, will be able to obtain every boss weapons. Of course, some materials will be harder to obtain, but in this design, you can still get these rare materials by other methods.

  1. From Magatama to Materials

Previously, you can use magatama to upgrade weapon and train pet skills. As said, to do so starting from now, you will have to collect all the materials required.

Note that although you will not be getting any more new magatama, they are still useful currency until May 29th 2011 – you can exchange magatama for materials or Gold. To do this, you may enter “Hunting House”, and then click “Form Materials”; there you will be able to see how you can spend your magatama.

We have been talking about how bosses will drop materials. In fact, there are a few types of materials, and all of them will be required to exchange for items! Have a look at the following table:



How to Get

Hunting House Materials

You will get 2 types of materials from Hunting House bosses – common and rare.

Common materials will be dropped by every boss, while rare materials will only be dropped by one or a few bosses.

Win the boss battles!

Fight against one boss at a time and you will receive 3 materials; fight against two and you will get 6!

Material – Heart of Kari

Heart of Kari is one of the most essential materials Habo needs. Almost every item in Materials Market requires Heart of Kari to complete! Fortunately, it is not too difficult to obtain if you are in a good team.

Find the icon of Heart of Kari at the top right hand corner, post your need on your wall to let your friends know. Once your friends clicked your post, you will get some Heart of Kari.


Vice versa, help your friends by clicking their posts; you will also get Heart of Kari for being helpful!

Material – Crystal of Kari

Another important material to exchange items. Again, you will get abundant of it if you have got good ninja friends.

Find the icon of Crystal of Kari at the top right hand corner and request your friends to send you some.

Of course, responding to your friends’ requests for getting Crystal of Kari will also get you some of them as well!

The amount of materials you need to exchange for a weapon is largely depended on how powerful the weapon is. Now that there is no limit for daily boss fights, start collecting materials and exchange the best weapons for your characters!

  1. Weapon Effects in Constant Value

Items in Materials Market are similar to those in Blacksmith House – they have special effects. However, not all effects are going to be in percentage, for instance, damage-related or extra HP/CP is now in constant value.

Why is it so? We know all of you prefer a few upgrade weapons and always use only them, even when your level already doubled, or tripled the weapons’ level because of their favorable effects. However, due to the level gap between you and your weapon, the damage it can deliver to your enemy is very little. It is not fun, and the significance of weapon to attack is not significant at all. With the new design, players will be prompted to use weapons of their levels! Well, we will be careful when we design the effects, so as to make every single one of them attractive to equip!

That’s all for Materials Market! Stay tuned for the upcoming batches of exchangeable items!

April 13th, 2012 at 4:26

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