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Get More Tokens and Start Shopping!

The first time you created your account you were rewarded with 100 Tokens but you think they're not enough, right? There's good news for you, you can complete offers and earn Tokens! Many of them are FREE offers which means "No purchase required to receive Tokens!" If you decide to avail of a product or service you'll be rewarded with MORE TOKENS!

Plus when you upgrade your account you will get a bonus of 2000 Tokens! There are special items that you can't buy with Gold; so you can use your Tokens to buy special and powerful weapons like Bone Hand Scythe and Battle Umbrella. Isn't it great? Login now, start earning your tokens and start shopping!

Get enough Tokens to buy a Battle Umbrella to fight the enemies!

August 25th, 2009 at 2:13

Posted in Press Release


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