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Happy Father’s Day – The Visit of the Fathers?!

Father’s Day is just around the corner! What is your plan? Well, it seems that a few buddies of yours have great plans with their dads! Right! The fathers of the fierce tailed-beasts who have always fought together with you are coming to the Village of Fire to visit their sons! Of course, they are also here to meet you, the friend and master of their beloved sons. By the way, in the dictionary of the world of tailed-beasts, “meet” also means “challenge”! So, ready?

Challenge Accepted! Where to Start?

The fathers who look exactly like their sons, only even fiercer and much more powerful will be in the Hunting House, awaiting you to see if you are good enough for their buddies.

To accept the challenge, you can enter Hunting House, or click on the coffee cup icon which is on the left side of the game screen, and proceed to start battle! In the Hunting House map, apart from the two usual fighting options you have, one of the fathers of the tailed-pets will also be there! Just click on its head and the ‘meeting’ is on!

There are a few things that you might want to pay attention to:

  1. There is only one mode of battle: 1 versus 1

Well, you know how good your pet is. And now, imagine how much better their parents could be! That would be too dangerous for you to fight 2 of them together! By the way, your pet will definitely outgrow their dads sooner or later under your superb training!

  1. No Kari Badge is needed!

Since it is the parents who want to meet and test you, just head in and accept the challenge! You will not need any Kari Badges for the fights.

  1. The tailed-bosses drop materials.

Upon winning a fight against every dad of your tailed-pets, the dads, like other Hunting House bosses, will drop you materials! In fact, all of them drop one same kind of material – the Soul of Tailed Beast. This material is used for claiming the ultimate Father’s Day Reward! Make sure you have got adequate of them!

  1. You can win one battle against each tailed-boss everyday.

Similar to the old Hunting House system and every other festival boss, fathers of the tailed-pets will stay for the day until you take them down! So, there is no need to worry if you could not get enough material for the ultimate reward; as long as you are courageous and hardworking enough, everyone is going to be able to get the prize!

The Ultimate Reward – Tailed Beast Pets!

Once you have got the right materials, you can proceed to exchange your reward – tailed beasts as your temporary pets!


Where to claim?

The 5 tailed beasts are now available again in Materials Market. You can also enter the Market by short cut, the Father’s Day coffee cup icon. The pets are under the pet tab.

How are the tailed beasts temporary?

The tailed beasts, once claimed, will be under your care and training for 14 days. Do note that:

  1. The timer starts counting once you claimed the pet.
  2. You can own all the 5 expiry tailed beasts at the same time.
  3. You can claim the same pet repeatedly.
  4. The pets do level up during the training session.
  5. The tailed beasts will only be available in Materials Market during the Father’s Day event.


What will happen when the 14-day training session is ended?

When a tailed beast is expired, awe will remind you with some pop-up messages with options to return the pet, or to extend the training session by 14 days, 21 days or for good!

Since you must have leveled up your tailed pet during the initial 14-day training session, it would be easier to continue training it as the experience gained can be piled up!

That’s all about the arrival of the fathers and the expiry tailed beasts! Hope you enjoy it! Don’t forget to claim your Ninspresso during this week; they should be very helpful for your ‘meetings’!

June 13th, 2012 at 4:11

Posted in Game Updates


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