Games Updates 31 Jan 2012

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Re: Games Updates 31 Jan 2012

Postby dannytranvan » Sat Sep 27, 2014 7:44 am

bagwiz_18 wrote:Hey I'm just wondering if you can bring back the feature " Account Transfer " on the RPG Ninja Saga Game. that would be more awesome and great to all players who wants to sell or buy an account from other ninja saga player

Unfortunately, Ninja Saga don't do that feature anymore. Many people abused the opportunity to which can lead to abusing Facebook's policy. Such as people hacking into a person's Facebook account and have that hacked person's Ninja Saga account transferred to the Hacker's Facebook account. Many other *** that occurred.
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Re: Games Updates 31 Jan 2012

Postby EndahKL » Sun Oct 11, 2015 8:21 am

1. Silahkan masuk ke website terlebih dahulu dan klik “buy token”
2. Klik “UniPin”
3. Pilih “Denominasi Token or Gold” dan pilih “UniPin” kemudian klik “Buy”
4. Pilih Logo “UniPin Express”
5. Masukan UniPin serial dan pin yang Anda dapatkan di Indomaret kemudian klik “submit”
6. Top up Anda berhasil “sukses”
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