Season 4 Naiteki Kensei (Crew)

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Season 4 Naiteki Kensei (Crew)

Postby esfl-sting » Wed Mar 09, 2016 1:36 pm

For season 4 we are preparing a new crew to be ready for playing in season 4.
At this point we have 50 slots and 36 people in the crew.
Of the 36 people only a small hand full donated to this crew.

What are we looking for?
Well we looking for active players that wants to go to the top 10 in season 4.
And with 50 slots we need to fight a lot of crew matches.
Let a long winning a castle for our own.

You can join in for free and we dont ask to much accept for being very acctive and have the same motivation to get the top 10 a fact at the end of season 4.
We would very much appriciate the donations of Tokens.
Since its ver rare that people want to donate tokens but it will help us so much to reach our goals.

Are you such a person and you will play alot for OUR CREW!!! Naiteki Kensei then feel free to join us.
You can join us at crew ID 283.

Thank you and feel welcome.
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Re: Season 4 Naiteki Kensei (Crew)

Postby esfl-sting » Mon Apr 11, 2016 7:54 am

We have open a facebook page for our crew today. ... page_panel

Since we are still in the early stages of our crew we hope to find more new members for our crew.
Its getting harder and harder to get new people.
And people who is willing to donate as well.
This is why we want to open a facebook page so the close inteam members of this crew can settle down there.
But also for the outsiders feel free to visit our page.

If you are looking for a crew no matter the level you are feel free to join in @ crewID 283.
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Re: Season 4 Naiteki Kensei (Crew)

Postby Kirin » Fri Jun 10, 2016 2:50 am

Hello there, I haven't been in any crew wars so far (yeah, just played this game in a while lol :lol: ) but I'd love to give it a go! Do tell if your clan are still open for recruitment yeah? :D

Account: Premium
Avatar name: ChoiBaedal(Level 80)
Element: Fire and Earth

Edit: Sorry, my avatar name was wrong. Just corrected it xD
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Re: Season 4 Naiteki Kensei (Crew)

Postby KILLZONEds » Sun Aug 21, 2016 10:42 pm

Hi there, I am a old player and Im looking for a crew I think I can donate some tokens but dont expect much bcoz Im a free user, but I will give my best! :D

Avatar name: Saskej
LvL: 80 Tensai special jounin
Account: Free user
Elements: Fire and Water
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Re: Season 4 Naiteki Kensei (Crew)

Postby SnoWFL » Mon Sep 26, 2016 11:34 am

Hi :D , I'd love to join your crew , it will be my first time but i'll be usefull :D , i'm a lvl 63 Special tensai jounin ninja , i level up 3 up to 4 times a day , i'm a free user , i play arround 7 to 8 hours ,i'm a free ninja with earth and air skills , i have 5 kinjutsus and have the dark eye talent also with demon sound and engraged forest :D , i'd donate tokens as mush as i can but as soons i get some :D my ID is :32809858 and my ninja name is xx-sasuke-xx , i'm a 5 years old ninja :D
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Re: Season 4 Naiteki Kensei (Crew)

Postby makakak » Sat Oct 29, 2016 12:31 am

hello :D
i would like to join your clan, im an old Account since the first anniversary :)
im soon lvling up to 70 and i will get to 80 soon. i have tons of old stuff to show and i have cool skills that you could buy with tokens long time ago but i got them for free.
Avatar name: 963852741 ( i was a kid sooooo... :( )
LvL: 69 with 70 % EXP
Account: Trial Emblem XD
Elements: Fire and Thunder and Earth
Profile ID: 3593891
some cool skills i have : dark demonic illusion bewitching eyes! and i have the 10000 Token suit : 2014 battle Suit :) which i got for free long time ago
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