What is Ninja Emblem?

To purchase a Ninja Emblem means to upgrade your account to premium for lifetime!
With a Ninja Emblem, you can unlock special areas, quests, powerful items and skills as the game progresses. To know more about the differences between a free and a premium account, you can refer to the table below.

Game Features & Services Free Users Premium Users
Free Tokens 100
(upon registration)
(upon subscribing)
Number of Characters Allowed 1 6
Ninjutsu Skills 2 elements 3 elements
Taijutsu Skills
Genjutsu Skills
Basic Clothing
Graded Missions
Daily Task
Basic Weapons
Common, Uncommon and Rare Weapons
Token-Gold Convertion
Live PvP
Live PvE (Party Mission) (coming soon)
Special Event Missions
Character Customization
(Tokens required)

Reset Attribute Points
(Tokens required)

Ninjutsu Training Time 0 - 48 hours
(depends on level) / instant learning (Tokens required)
(instant learning)
Recruit Friends

Challenge Friends

Bloodline Skills (coming soon)


Customer Service
Inventory 20 40
Premium Weapons  
Premium Clothing  
Back Accessory (coming soon)  
Ads Free  

Ninja Emblem

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