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An element that cuts through anything, the wind is used by skilled ninjas who fight with great finesse and extreme flexibility giving its bearer an ability to move quicker and dodge attacks with ease. Are you up to some mind whirling skills? Then the wind element is for you.

  • Every wind attribute point added gives 0.4% dodge, 1 agility and 1% wind Ninjutsu damage.
  • Bearer has lowest damage and low HP.
  • Wind skills require less cool down turns.


Ninjas whose fighting style depend on beating their opponents into a pulp and turning their foes to charcoal; a massive damage dealer possesses the fire element. If you're up to a hardcore bout, then this element suits you best.

  • Every fire attribute point added gives 0.4% to all damage, 0.4% chance to increase 30% damage in the next turn and 1% fire Ninjutsu damage.
  • Bearer has low HP, and has weak defence ability.
  • Fire skills give the highest damage.


The lightning focuses on one critical strike. This is an element that shocks your opponent literally and figuratively. Ninjas using lightning element moves in lightning speed to strike opponents and causes critical strikes. If you're up for the thrill of gambling, then check this element out.

  • Every lightning attribute point added gives 0.4% critical chance, increase critical strike damage bonus by 0.4% and 1% lightning Ninjutsu damage.
  • Bearer deals unstable damage and has weak defence ability.
  • Lightning skills consumes high CP.


"Trying to move a mountain" is what you would definitely say when facing an earth element ninja. Earth element users possess great vitality that enables them to withstand any attack. An unbelievable life force and rock hard techniques; is this your style?

  • Every earth attribute point added gives 30 max HP, 0.4% chance to cause 30% damage taken to the attacker as well and 1% earth Ninjutsu damage.
  • Bearer has low damage.
  • Earth skills and earth-type ninja have high defence ability.


Ninja who uses the water element possesses its purity. A fountain of chakra is what becomes of its bearer. Concentrating their chakra to deal more attacks to the enemy and has great regeneration ability and purifying their bodies of negative buffs. Mysterious yet pure, do you want the power of water?

  • Every water attribute point added gives 30 max CP, 0.4% chance to remove all negative effect at the start of each turn and 1% water Ninjutsu damage and healing points.
  • Bearer has low damage and low HP.
  • Some water skills have healing powers.

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