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Map & User Interface


  1. Kage Room
    • Where you can engage in graded missions and special events
  2. Academy
    • Where you can buy and learn Ninjutsu, Taijutsu and Genjutsu
  3. Shop
    • Where you can buy and sell weapons, costumes and items
  4. Style Shop
    • Where you can customize your hair style, hair colour and skin colour (Premium User only)
  5. Arena
    • Where you can challenge your friends and practise in real-time with other ninjas in the village
  6. Recruit Friends
    • Where you can recruit friends to join you as a party to fight battles and complete missions
  7. Headquarters
    • Where you can apply for Ninja Emblem, and convert Tokens into Gold
  8. Battle
    • Where you can engage in missions, start a quick practice battle with enemies, challenge your friends, and practise in real-time with fellow ninjas.

Character Status

  • Displays your character's stats and wealth


  • Character's stats, attributes and wealth are shown.
  • Where you can invest / reset your attribute points.

  • HP (Health Points): decrease as you take damage from attacks
  • CP (Chakra Points): decrease as you use Jutsu in battles
  • XP (Experience Points): accumulate through missions and battles. Needed for level advancement
  • Gold: In-game currency obtained by completing missions and winning battles
  • Token: In-game currency which can be purchased here
  • Agility: the bigger the value, the quicker the character's action
  • Critical: the chance of attacks to become a critical strike
  • Dodge: the chance of your character to dodge an attack


  • Where you can find and change the weapons and costumes you own

  • Displays the gears you own and the damage it can cause
  • Displays the details of the highlighted gear


  • Where you can find the items you own

  • Displays the consumable items you own
  • Displays the details of the highlighted item


  • Where you can view and equip Jutsu

  • Displays the Jutsu you own
  • Displays the details of the highlighted Jutsu
  • Displays the Jutsu you have equipped


  • Displays the statistics of missions completed


  • Where you can adjust sound volume and graphic quality

Unspent Attribute Points

  • To remind you that you have attribute points to invest

Daily Task

  • Displays your progress in accomplishing the given daily task
  • Where you can check what your assigned daily task is and claim the reward

Report Bugs

  • Should you encounter any in-game problems, don't hesitate to click "Report Bugs" and send us your questions.
  • For feedbacks and suggestions, you are welcome to email them to

Save Character Progress

  • Don’t close the game right after you purchased / learnt anything until this text disappears

Game Info

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