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Invite Friend Campaign

Have you noticed the sparkling new icon in the left bottom corner in Ninja Saga? Yes, new, special items that will NOT be available in Shop are released! And no, they are NOT dropped items too. So, how can you get them?

Invite your friends to create their own ninja avatar in Ninja Saga and once they
accept your invitation, you can start the collection of the special rewards!

Ok, let's have a glimpse on what your new friends might bring you!

If 5 friends accept your invitation, you will get Special Rune Scroll x 5!

Special Rune Scroll is a scroll that restores both your HP and CP by 800 in battles. It is the best available scroll by now!

If 10 friends accept your invitation, you will get 30,000 Gold!

What can you do with 30000 Gold? New outfits, weapons, skills, pets, spend it wisely!

If 15 friends accept your invitation, you will get Kotetsu!

A Katana only damages, but a Kotetsu does more - apart from damaging your
enemies, it restores you with 20 HP and 20 CP at the same time!

If 20 friends accept your invitation, you will get Spirit Touch!

Spirit Touch is a genjutsu that fears your enemies. When they are feared, their
damage will be reduced for 5 turns!

If 25 friends accept your invitation, you will get Kame!

Kame the Turtle is a water element pet so it can heal its master! Moreover, even if
you are below Lv20, you can still get Kame as your pet!


Q: What do you mean by invites accepted?
A: Once your friend allows Ninja Saga on his / her Facebook and proceeds to the character creation page, it is counted as "invites accepted".

Q: How do I know how many more friends I need to invite to claim the reward?
A: You can find out the number of friends who have already accepted your invitation (see the circled indicator above in the screencaps?)

Q: What if there are several people inviting my friend? Who will get the reward if my friend accepted the invitation?
A: Everybody counts.

Q: My friend is playing Ninja Saga now, why didn't it count as invite accepted?
A: It can be due to several reasons:
- Your friend started Ninja Saga before you sent your invitation
- Your friend is an existing Ninja Saga player but has removed the application; only 100% new player counts.

Q: I already have a pet, do I have to delete my pet to get Kame?
A: We suggest you not to, because in the near future, everybody can own more than 1 pet! Just wait patiently, we will announce the modification of Pet System shortly and you may claim the reward and own both your existing pet and Kame at the same time!

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